Welcome to Rational Policy!

This blog is dedicated to discussing, researching, and advocating for rational, centrist policies and positions that can help solve the challenges and problems that face the United States today and in the future. Rational Policy focuses on reasonable, long-term solutions to domestic and foreign policy issues, and orients around the idea that government is in essence a public good.

We tend to focus on ideas, topics, and theories within our general ideological framework, but are also willing and interested in publishing well-thought-out opinions and perspectives from across the ideological spectrum. Our general must-haves in any post on this site are two-fold: 1) Posts must be based in fact and have real-world factual grounding based on published research, quoted experts, public policy figures, or statistical backing; and 2) Posts must be of high-quality and should be written for an audience that has an understanding of the issues at hand, and should not be extreme or outrageous in tone or tenor. We are also firm advocates of the freedom of speech here at Rational Policy and intend to follow that belief in our publishing decisions; the right for one to freely speak her mind is central to who we are as Americans. We believe that the ‘battle of ideas’ should be fought through a lively debate in the tradition of scholars like John Stuart Mill, and, as the famed Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said, “If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”

One of the major reasons why this blog was started was to push back against what we see as the unfortunate move in mainstream and internet media towards the extremes in both types of content published and focused on and in the tone in which that content is discussed. Far too frequently we see left and right digging in their heels on issues that are largely lacking in substance when there are far more important issues facing the nation and world that require rational discussion, cogent debate, and even that hated bogeyman of the extremes, compromise. This blog will take a hard look at the crucial issues facing the United States and her people, as well as work to explain and shine light on critically important international policies, conflicts, and crises that far too often get short shrift in our rapid-fire cable news environment. We will always try to take a longer-term view on the issues, as we find that short-term thinking tends to dominate nearly all aspects of American society today, from economic decision-making in families and companies, to Congressional decisions on how to manage government funding and Executive decisions regarding our vital international relationships.

This long-term perspective, our focus on centrism and rational policies regardless of left-right alignment, and our emphasis on government as a solution versus as a problem may endear us to few on either side of the ideological divide, but that is not something we are concerned about. We do not intend to follow the example of policy or politics blogs on the left or the right; our goal is not to tell the American people what they want to hear, but instead what they need to hear.

– The Rational Policy Team –

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