The Rational Policy Podcast

Welcome to the show page for Rational Policy’s very own podcast, the inventively titled Rational Policy Podcast! Our episodes are available here on the Rational Policy website, as well as on all major podcasting apps. Please subscribe to the show on the app of your choice, rate us, and tell your family & friends!

Hosted by Mike Coté, the Rational Policy Podcast is an exploration of topics in American domestic and foreign policy, as well as deep dives into the important ideas underlying our political and policy debates. The show won’t be your standard news or politics podcast, as we will analyze world events without the reflexive partisanship, incessant hyperbole, and lack of nuance which characterizes so much of the media environment. This historically-informed, fact-based perspective will present unadulterated opinion on what’s going on in the world so you don’t miss the forest for the trees.

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