A Liberty Yet Undiminished

Reports of the death of American Democracy have been greatly exaggerated.

A constant refrain for the past few years has been the so-called decline of American democracy. It is most prevalent on the political left, but it has been embraced by sections of the Trumpian right as well. In this telling, America either is no longer a legitimately democratic state due to non-existent election shenanigans, or it has lost that status due to political and legal decisions which run counter to the prevailing progressive narrative. None of that is true. American democracy has been alive and kicking, in one form or another, for nearly 250 years now. Our history is the story of an evolving republic gradually and incrementally progressing to a further embrace of our founding values. But those values – freedom of speech and of belief, participatory politics, and the innate and God-given equality of man – have remained unchanged and unchangeable since they were put down in ink 246 years ago. Don’t take my word for it, look at what one of our greatest foreign allies has to say:

I have written about my love for America before, but it always bears repeating. We are blessed to live in a nation which is unparalleled in its economic, political, and ideological freedom. Our tolerance for difference is second-to-none, and a proper understanding of the American experiment centers that pluralism and federalist spirit. We are lucky to live in the most prosperous, powerful, and advanced nation the world has seen, yet we are often ungrateful for this incredible boon. There are people literally dying in an effort to come to this bountiful and free land; we must not forget that reality amidst the pessimism of partisan politics. Reflecting on the gratitude we should have as citizens of this great country is an excellent way to commemorate our independence. The video below, although about our friendly neighbors to the north, is a clarion call for such gratitude:

Have a fantastic Independence Day, celebrate this (still) glorious nation, and remember to be grateful for the sacrifices of the past which have allowed us to retain and promote the blessings of our liberty. I look forward to sharing many more of these holidays with my fellow countrymen, our liberty yet undiminished. Happy Fourth of July!

2 thoughts on “A Liberty Yet Undiminished

  1. Whenever I start scratching my head with one of those WTF moments, I go back to The Fourth Turning (published 25 years ago) which describes the cyclical nature of our generations as they grow up, mature and move on in a surprisingly similar manner. That social template overlays the course of our countries history, and is strongly felt, particularly because of the freedoms you note.

    As there are 4 turnings, we are in the final one: an accumulation of excesses (and can kicking down the road) that must be dealt with for the cycle to start again.

    So IMO that explains so much of the Jake Tapper musings that go along with the ‘Woke’ crowd. No filters in a Fourth Turning, just one crisis after another.

    Sadly, the last 3 turnings have been violent (Revolutionary War, Civil War, depression/WWII), but looking at world-wide Turnings (by country or society), it doesn’t have to be….

    … though that doesn’t make them any more comfortable.

    Happy Fourth to all of you in Jersey!

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